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Bunkr API is a hosted presentation API that automates reports creation for your business and clients.

Need A Reporting Automation?

In less than 2h create your first template and automatize your reporting generation.

A Plug & Play Technology.

Bunkr API was built to be easily connected. You need just few hours to plug our technology and generate your first report with your data. See our documentation.


Our Support Team is Here to Help You

We have a dedicated team to help you connect the report API. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:


The Best Way To Generate Modern Reports

With more than 100.000 users around the world, Bunkr is a standard for reporting.

Editable Format

Bunkr API is based on BunkrApp. Therefore, any report is fully editable within the usual platform. Your clients can then add their own touch on the generated report.

Compatible with Any Device

Bunkr slide format is compatible with any device. Users can read reports on their smartphones, tablets and computers.

Easy to Share

No more presentations too big to send via email. Bunkr reports are 100x lighter than .pdf and .ppt files.

Features: What Can You Do With Bunkr API?

Texts, Images & Medias

You can add text, images and various forms of media (1000+ types) in reports.

Interactive Charts

Add interactive charts in your reports by simply sending to the report API the formatted data, we handle the display.

Custom Embed

If you want to add a unique format to the report, you can do so by adding a custom embed to the Bunkr API.

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